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Thiru Manthiram –

(Technology of God) –

Search of God –

The search of God is made by human from time memorial. It is endless effort and debatable in the universe. In Indian context the search of God is made in Two directions. Both ways are respected till date.

Two philosophies and four methods

  1. Vedanta: Vetanta based on experience. It is empirical, lot of belief and faith. This pilosophy is age old one.
  2. Siddhantha: Based on proven theories and experiments. This way holds good to any place and person including Atheist or Rationalist. Siddhars are following Siddantha.

The goal or aim of the search of God in both philosophies are same. That is attaining „Mukthi“ or ultimate salvation. The definition of Mukthi is defined in different kinds in Vedanta according to different school of thoughts. How ever Vetanta accepts Mukthi can be attained only after death.

The concept of Hell and Heaven are described.

Methods of Search

They all accepts that there are four methods in attaining Mukthi.

  1. Sariyai: Faith with God. Living pious life. Worship Him by prayers, songs, going to temple, taking holy bath etc.
  2. Kiriyai: Doing rituals or Yaga. Yangyas or doing special type of yagas or rituals to satisfy different kinds of Gods to attain some powers or likes with spicily trained persons.
  3. Yoga: To train his body and mind to see the god inside in the form of light. If s/he attained this stage is called Yogi or Yogini. Here the differance in Sex exist. Then a yogi became immoral or attained Kayasidhy then s/he is called Siddhar. There is no sexual difference at this stage. Because the Siddhars are above sex urge.
  4. Ganam or Janna: After seeing God in the form of light the siddhar merge with god. After that the siddhar become god.

Way of Search

God is searched in the four methods and two ways. The Sariyai and Kiriyau methods are called Pakthi way of search. Yogam or Yoga and Gnanam or janna methods are called Yoga way. There are different kinds of Yoga are existing. Yoga means merging or uniting or unification. The ultimate aim of Yoga way is to merge with god with the physical body. Few of the important Yoga methods are Pakthi (piety) Yoga, Karma yoga, Hada (Hatha) Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga or Raja Yoga or Vasi yoga. The Siddhars prefer Ashtanga Yoga.

The Period of Thirumular and Trio Theory of God

Thiru Mular is contemporary of Pathanchaly who wrote the world known Yoga Suthra in Sanskrit. Where is Thirumular wrote Thirumanthiram in Tamil 4000 years back.

And that time there is no Christianity or Islamic. Thirumular established the concept that „God is one“. It established that god (the holy father) is in the form of man (son) and he is inside the man in the form of light (Holy Spirit). It is the first Trio Theory of single god. It explains the cycle of god to man and man to god.

At that time, he called the god as Athisiva or Siva. The other gods are the different forms of Athisiva or Athi. He emphasis the importance of body and merge with god with body.

He explained the technology of how to merge with god, in four methods and two pathways wich are explained above. So, I called Thiru Manthiram as „Technology of God“. Though it is said 4000 years back, till date it is veiled and practiced.

We will study and try to understand the Thiru Manthiram verses in the technology view.

Methodology Adopted in the Writing of Meaning

Thiru manthiram is written in nine Tantras (Stratagem or techniques) with 3.000 verses in code words, using ancient Tamil words, involving cultural and Purana, in a fragment way and in poetic form.

I have converted the poetical form into text form to give the conceptual meaning of the original Tamil verses. Then translated into English without lose of meaning.
In Tamil language one word has different meanings. I have chosen Yogic meaning. So my translation is different from others. For example, in the verse 23 the ancient Tamil word varanam = Sea, Breathing etc. I took the yogic meaning of the word „breathing“.
Numbers are given in many places. These are decoded according to Siddhar literature without using imagination. Verse 1 and others are having such numbers.

The yogic code words are used. In verse 8 The Tamil word Uoor = city is found. It is the code word for the place of Ajna chakra. It is called as Sulimunai in siddhar science.
I am getting difficulties in finding equivalent English word in translation. For example I found difficulty to translate the Tamil words “ Manam, Puththii“ etc. In such situations I am giving the nearest meaning in English.

God bless you all.

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