Love, Joy, Trust – the Essence of Life

In the end, what matters is this:  I can be one with you.

This is health—what is here and now.  I look forward to becoming one with you.

This thought gives me wings and strength in life.  It lets me bring spirit and soul to the Now.

Come.  Let us change the world, bringing out in it what is good and important to us.

I want to be in agreement with you.  Think of this agreement as “to be of one mind”, so being united in thought and feeling.  Having a single goal, heading in the same direction, together seeing the same thing before our eyes, being unified in our vision. . . .

The partner needs not be a man if I am a woman, nor a woman if I am a man.  This has nothing to do with sexuality.  It is reliance—trust—knowledge of a Singularity that unites us.  It must be with a person with whom I can share anything that is relevant.

Now my heart will flourish and celebrate.  Now my thoughts and feelings may begin to be awakened unfettered.  Now I fully know true caring; I recognize my back is free and protected.  Now, exactly now I know I am healthy.  For now I am alive.

Together we are strong!

Together we are strong!

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